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Balanced diet at work

Balanced diet at work

Whether you work in an office or outdoors, the working day is tiring, which is why your lunch break is particularly important. It’s not hard to eat healthily and cost-effectively – read our tips.


  • Take food from home: If you like cooking, why not make a little more than you need the night before and take the leftovers as lunch the next day? Many companies have a kitchen where you can heat food up. This way you can be sure you’ll always have a tasty lunch.
  • Company canteen: No need to fear canteen food! School-dinner-style canteens are a thing of the past. Our lifestyle today calls for a healthy and balanced diet, so company canteens have had to adapt too, which means you can look forward to tasty and relatively low-priced food for lunch.
  • Take-away: In cities in particular you’ll find countless organic shops, cafés, bakeries and take-aways that offer their delicious wares to go. Try out the local shops to find out where you can buy fresh and high-quality food. Variety is the spice of life!

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