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Be prepared when you fall in

Be prepared when you fall in

For many recruits, the first days of military training are the toughest. Everything’s new: the barracks, your fellow trainees, superiors, daily routine, the food, sleeping arrangements – the list goes on. As in the scouts, it pays to be prepared! Below you’ll find a few tips on how to make life easier during military service.


Recruit school is calling

As the day your military service starts draws nearer, you’ll experience a real roller-coaster of emotions. Pleasant anticipation will be tempered by apprehension, motivation by fear. You’ve no doubt heard amusing, crazy or exciting tales from older friends or acquaintances about their time in the military. But you still don’t really know what to expect.   


Well-prepared for recruit school

These tips will make the first few weeks of recruit school that little bit easier:

  • Get used to having less sleep than you’re used to. Try getting up an hour earlier than usual. During your time at recruit school you’ll experience a lot of short nights and long days. You’ll be less affected by the lack of sleep if your body has already started adapting to the new conditions.
  • The best-known tip for recruit school – make sure you wear your army boots in beforehand! You’ll be glad you did when you start out on your first march!
  • Having the right attitude can make a big difference. Welcome any new tasks you’re given with open arms and tackle them head on. A positive attitude will help time pass faster and enable you to get through any tough times. Just remember that five months constitute just a small fraction of the life that lies ahead of you.
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