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Jump in premiums – why?

Jump in premiums – why?

If you’ve already turned 19, you may have noticed that your health insurance premium has suddenly increased. This is the same with all health insurers. There are two such age-based premium increases.   

Discounts for young adults

Despite the jump in premiums, there’s good news for young adults aged 19 to 25: from 2019 you receive a discount of up to 35% on the adult premium (previously 10%).

First premium increase – from 18 to 19

From child premium to young adult premium

At Sanitas, your first child gets basic insurance at a 75% discount on the adult premium. The discount for the second child and any additional children is 80%. When you turn 18, you’re no longer classified as a child, so you’re no longer eligible for this discount. Depending on your insurance model, the child premium will switch either to a young adult premium with a smaller discount or directly to an adult premium.

You’ll find your new premium in your policy, which we send out in October every year. At this point, you have the opportunity to make changes. We’ll be happy to help you optimise your premium. The new contract will take effect as of 1 January following your 18th birthday.

Cost share: From child deductible to adult deductible

Deductibles for children range between 0 and CHF 500. On turning 18, the deductible switches to between CHF 300 and CHF 2,500. This means you previously contributed between 0 and CHF 500 per year towards the cost of your medical claims. Now you can choose a deductible of between CHF 300 and CHF 2,500 per year. The higher your deductible, the higher your cost share towards health costs, but the lower your monthly premium will be, too. It’s a good idea to choose a high deductible if you expect your health costs to be low in the year ahead.

Child deductibles
Adult deductibles
0 300
100 500
200 1000
300 1500
400 2000
500 2500

Which deductible is right for me?

Good question. You’ll get the cheapest premium by choosing a deductible of CHF 2,500. However, if you require medical treatment equal to this amount, you’ll have to cover the costs (including the maximum copayment of CHF 700). Consider how much you could afford to pay in an emergency and choose a deductible that doesn’t exceed this amount.

Second premium increase – from 25 to 26

From young adult premium to adult premium

When you turn 25, you’re no longer eligible for the young adult discount of 10% and you’ll be switched to a standard adult premium now at the latest.

In this case, your deductible remains the same.                       

Change cover to reduce your premium

There are several ways you can adjust your health insurance cover and thus optimise your costs. For example, you can choose a family doctor model or change your deductible. 

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