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The Sanitas Portal app – the customer portal for when you’re on the move

The Sanitas Portal app – the customer portal for when you’re on the move

The Sanitas Portal app helps you keep an overview of your insurance affairs at all times. But it’s more than just a customer portal. It’s also a digital vaccination pass for the whole family, a scanner for reclaim vouchers, a messenger for direct contact with our customer advisors, and a tool for checking your insurance cover.  

Your benefits:

  • Overview of statements and payments
  • Scan in and send invoices quickly and easily
  • Your Sanitas insurance card is always to hand
  • Ask questions directly via the messenger
  • Check at any time whether your insurance covers a vaccination, glasses or other benefits

Features of the Sanitas Portal app

New: Cover Check

You can use the Cover Check in the customer portal and in the Sanitas Portal app to find out quickly and easily how much Sanitas pays towards your new glasses, a massage or another benefit. Log in now to try out our new digital service.


Fingerprint entry
One touch is all it takes: even faster access to the Sanitas Portal app with Touch ID. All you have to do is update or download the app and set up the Touch ID function. It’s quick and easy with the step-by-step guide in the app.


Overview at all times
In the app you’ll find all the information you need on your insurance affairs: deductible, copayment, premium, payments received, statements and bills to be paid.


Scan documents quickly and easily
No extra costs for stamps: scan your reclaim vouchers directly in the app and send them in. The app lets you know if your documents have been submitted correctly.  


Always up to date
You receive push notifications if a bill has been paid or if you’ve been sent a new document.


Search for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and generics
If you’re on the move and want to find the nearest doctor, hospital or pharmacy, ask the app. It can also tell you if a low-cost generic drug is available.


Your insurance card to hand
Thanks to the shake function, you have your insurance card to hand in no time at all. Open the Sanitas Portal app, shake your phone – and the card will appear on your screen. You don’t even need to log in, but you do need to activate this function in your profile settings beforehand.


Digital vaccination pass
With the digital vaccination pass you alwayshave your and your family’s vaccination pass to hand. And you can choose to receive reminders for pending vaccinations.


Direct connection
If you’ve got a question, all your contact options are listed under the "Communication" menu item: phone, email or messenger  

Download the Sanitas Portal app free of charge:

Sanitas Portal app
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Sanitas Portal app
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