Everything you wanted to know about the Sanitas customer portal app

Everything you wanted to know about the Sanitas customer portal app

I’d like to use the Sanitas customer portal app. Do I have to sign up?

Already signed up?
If you’ve already signed up for the customer portal, you can log on to the Sanitas customer portal app using your customer number and customer portal password.

Not signed up yet?
You can sign up for the customer portal and Sanitas customer portal app in one go. You’ll receive your personal access details and log-in by post.

You can sign up here

Which devices does the Sanitas customer portal app support?

The Sanitas customer portal app has been developed and optimised for smartphones.


You need Android version 4.1 or higher to download the app. The Sanitas customer portal app is not compatible with Android tablets. Current version in Google Playstore

iOS devices
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Sanitas customer portal app is optimised for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
Current version in the App Store

The Sanitas customer portal app is currently not available for Windows smartphones.

How do I activate the shake function?

  1. Open the Sanitas customer portal app on your smartphone and log in.
  2. Tap the navigation symbol in the top left corner and then the gear symbol.
  3. Activate the shake function (green shows the function is active).
  4. You can now access your digital insurance card when the Sanitas customer portal app is open by shaking your smartphone – you don’t have to log in beforehand.

How do I change language in the Sanitas customer portal app?

You can’t change the language in the Sanitas customer portal app. The Sanitas customer portal app automatically adopts the general language settings of your smartphone.

Languages available:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • English

If a language is not supported, the Sanitas customer portal app is set to German by default.

Here’s how to change the general language settings on a smartphone:


Tracking Title:

Settings →General →Language & Region

Settings →Language & input →Language


Important: changing the general language settings will change the language for the entire device.  

How do I delete a scan that hasn’t been sent?

Under “Documents”; on the “Scans” tab, scans that haven’t been sent can be deleted as follows:

Swipe from right to left over the scan entry and press the delete key.

Press and hold the chosen scan until the context menu appears.

Why does the Sanitas customer portal app need access to my gallery and location?

To use the full range of the Sanitas customer portal app’s services, the Sanitas customer portal app needs access to various device functions, such as location, gallery and camera.

Benefits with access to device functions:

  1. The Sanitas customer portal app helps you locate a doctor, hospital or chemist and shows you the distance from your current location to the selected location.
  2. You can replace your initials with a photo by tapping the circle.
  3. You can use the scan function to send us your reclaim vouchers quickly and easily via the Sanitas app. Just take a photo of them using the camera function.

If I’ve already granted the Sanitas customer portal app access to particular functions, how can I revoke this authorisation?

If you want to use only the basic Sanitas customer portal app functions, you can deactivate authorisations (location, gallery, camera) in your smartphone settings. You’ll still be able to access your personal data such as premiums, invoices and insurance cards.

Now I’ve got the Sanitas customer portal app, I’d like to deregister from your customer portal. Is this possible?

No, this isn’t possible, because you need an active account for the customer portal to be able to use all the Sanitas customer portal app functions.

Can I use the Sanitas customer portal app abroad?

Yes, but functionality may be limited.

Direct contact: with the Sanitas customer portal app, you can still contact the medical hotline directly while abroad. Rapid access to help and direct contact to Sanitas are guaranteed: you can dial all important phone numbers at the touch of a button. You don’t have to spend time searching for phone numbers in an emergency. Please note that roaming costs may be charged abroad.


Good to know when you’re abroad

  • Insurance card: with the Sanitas customer portal app, you always have your insurance card to hand. However, you should also carry your actual insurance card with you when you’re abroad, because hospitals and doctors outside Switzerland often don’t accept the mobile card.
  • Doctor locator and generics search: functions such as the doctor or chemist locator and the generics search are only available in Switzerland.
  • Invoices: please send us the original invoice for any bills you receive from doctors or hospitals abroad.

Where do I find the messenger?

The messenger can be found under “Communication” in the app menu.

What file types can I send via messenger?

You can send text messages, images (jpeg, PNG, TIFF) and PDFs.

Can I use it to send in reclaim vouchers?

No. You use the scan function in the Sanitas customer portal app to send in reclaim vouchers.

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