Sanitas health insurance – broad sponsorship and support

Sanitas health insurance – broad sponsorship and support

Sanitas - sponsorship and support

Sanitas undertakes a wide range of corporate social measures to support health promotion and preventive care, particularly among young people.

The Sanitas Challenge Prize gets young people exercising

Sanitas is committed to sponsorship and support. For example we sponsor the Sanitas Challenge Prize to promote innovative mass sport projects for young people, and encourage our customers to get more exercise outdoors.

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Sanitas health insurance foundation

The Sanitas health insurance foundation supports initiatives for preventive care and health promotion among young people in Switzerland.

The Sanitas health insurance (foundation) owns the operational companies of the Sanitas Group which offer health insurance solutions for basic and supplementary insurance. It also supports corporate social activities aimed at preventive care and health promotion, particularly selected projects geared towards young people in Switzerland.

More on the social commitment of the Sanitas Foundation

The  corporate social activities of the Sanitas health insurance foundation support selected preventive care and health promotion projects, particularly in the following areas:

  • Prevention of illnesses associated with being overweight or underweight and a lack of exercise
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Addiction prevention

The Sanitas foundation primarily supports projects geared towards young people. Chosen projects are supported by the foundation’s own funds, not money generated from premiums.

More on the Sanitas health insurance foundation and contacts

The foundation is managed by the board of trustees under the chairmanship of Professor Felix Gutzwiller.  The foundation office is responsible for managing the foundation. Queries and requests for project funding should be sent to the office.

Foundation office contact:


Isabelle Vautravers, General Manager
Sanitas Krankenversicherung Foundation
Jägergasse 3
8021 Zurich



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Sanitas helps protect the climate

Swiss Climate Foundation

Since 2010, Sanitas health insurance has made a concrete contribution to climate protection as a partner of the Swiss Climate Foundation. Swiss legislation on carbon emissions requires that both individuals and corporations pay a levy on fuels. Since it’s designed as an incentive tax, part of the levy is paid back to businesses. Sanitas donates the money paid back, minus the actual costs of energy, to the Swiss Climate Foundation. The Swiss Climate Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation under federal oversight.

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