Stay healthy with our preventive care services

Stay healthy with our preventive care services


Most of us are confronted with situations in our professional or private lives which we feel unable to cope with and that leave us feeling irritated, stressed out and overwhelmed.

Diet and nutrition

A healthy, balanced diet helps keep you fit and prevent the onset of diseases such as diabetes and obesity. What’s more, physical well-being improves psychological well-being.


Regular physical exercise helps prevent illnesses, keeps you fit mentally, lifts spirits and reduces stress.

What Sanitas offers:

  • A presentation at your workplace on a chosen topic
  • Tips on getting more exercise, healthy eating tips, etc.
  • Sanitas health programmes
  • Sanitas Day: massage service for a day, distribution of products and incentives to get people exercising more (e.g. Therabands), etc
  • Active app (persons aged 18 and over)
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