Free and exclusive maternity services | Sanitas health insurance

Sanitas offers support on your way to becoming a familly

Sanitas offers support on your way to becoming a familly

Free and exclusive: the Sanitas maternity services

The Sanitas maternity services offer support by providing a range of services and special offers for you and your baby. They’re free of charge to Sanitas customers and include the following benefits:


  • Customer Care Maternity for advice on health insurance matters
  • 24/7 medical hotline exclusively for expectant mothers
  • Budget calculator for families
  • Emails containing interesting and useful information


This information site providing helpful tips and checklists. The emails are tailored to your specific requirements, focusing on planning for children, pregnancy or the arrival of your baby. On subscribing to this service you also benefit from exclusive offers from Sanitas and surprise gifts for your baby.

Registering a child before birth
The best protection for your baby

Applying early for your child’s insurance certainly pays dividends. They should have the same coverage as their mother at the very minimum.





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