Overview of benefits

Our benefits for your newborn child

Our benefits for your newborn child

Your baby needs its own health insurance no later than three months after the birth. Which costs are covered by basic insurance in the first years of life, and when is supplementary insurance necessary? You’ll find the answers here.

Benefits covered by basic insurance:

During the first year

  • Basic vaccinations such as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio
  • Measles, mumps, rubella
  • Examinations regarding general health and normal child development
  • Hip sonography
  • Vitamin D (as per the Federal Office of Public Health’s list of pharmaceutical specialities)

After first year

  • Examinations regarding general health and normal child development

Benefits only covered by supplementary health insurance:

During the first year

  • Osteopathy and craniosacral therapy by therapists recognised by Sanitas (NVS/ASCA/EMR)
  • Milk substitute for children under the age of two who cannot tolerate mothers’ milk, provided this is medically prescribed.

After first year

  • Glasses and contact lenses for visually impaired
  • Dental braces for misaligned teeth, up to the age of 18

Your personal insurance cover

Do you want to know what benefits are covered under your insurance?

With our Cover Check service you can find out for yourself or a family member whether Sanitas covers a specific benefit. You can use the check before you claim a benefit.

Here’s how it works: Open the Cover Check for you or a family member in the customer portal  via the “Services” menu. In the Sanitas Portal app  you’ll find the Cover Check directly in the menu. Enter the benefit you’re interested in (e.g. ultrasound, antenatal course, etc.) in the search box. The Cover Check will let you know whether Sanitas pays a share of the cost and, if so, how much.

Would you like to take out supplementary insurance for your baby or do you have any questions? Just call our advice hotline (0844 160 160) free of charge or complete the contact form.


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