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Our benefits when you’re planning a family

Our benefits when you’re planning a family

What benefits does Sanitas offer when you’re planning a family? Here’s a list of the applicable insurance plans and an overview of the benefits they offer: 

Basic insurance


Artificial insemination

  • Intrauterine insemination, maximum of three treatment cycles per pregnancy.

Hormonal stimulation


  • The costs of acupuncture will be covered for the diagnosis or treatment of an illness and its sequelae. The treatment must be provided by a doctor with specialised training in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in accordance with the ASA qualification programme.

Supplementary outpatient insurance


Hormonal stimulation

  • Some supplementary insurance plans cover a number of drugs not on the list of pharmaceutical specialities.

Vitamin preparations

  • The Classic, Family and Jump supplementary insurance plans, and Diversa and MobiJeunes, will cover part of the costs of vitamin supplements (e.g. Elevit pronatal, Andreavit) during pregnancy.


  • The Jump, Family and Classic supplementary insurance plans cover up to 80% of acupuncture costs, while the Natura plan covers up to 75% of costs up to specified limits, provided that treatment is provided by doctors, Sanitas-accredited naturopaths/natural health practitioners or therapists and if the treatment is medically prescribed.


  • Sanitas values high quality standards. As the quality of yoga courses and yoga teachers is not assured by official bodies recognised by Sanitas, we are unable to cover the cost of yoga courses.
  • However, Sanitas does support your efforts to keep fit by contributing up to CHF 200 towards a subscription at Qualitop- and Fitnessguide-certified (minimum rating of 3 stars full care) fitness centres.

Well-prepared for pregnancy

The online platform of our partner swissmom offers a wealth of useful information for anyone planning a family. Read here how best to prepare for pregnancy and what you should bear in mind.

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