Overview of benefits

Benefits during pregnancy

Benefits during pregnancy

Which maternity* benefits are covered by basic insurance and which by supplementary insurance? Here’s a list of the applicable insurance plans and an overview of the benefits they offer:

Basic insurance

Statutory benefits during a normal pregnancy


  • 7 check-ups before the birth
  • 2 ultrasound scans
  • If a pregnancy is deemed high-risk by the doctor providing treatment, the costs of additional check-ups are also covered.

Antenatal courses

  • CHF 150 towards antenatal classes given by midwives (in groups).


  • Full cover for a multi-bed room in the general ward of a hospital in your canton of residence. If you are planning to give birth in a maternity facility, please be sure to contact your health insurer in advance to find out whether the costs will be covered.

Costs of infant care

  • If a healthy baby is with its mother in hospital, the costs are paid from the mother’s insurance. If the baby is ill, the costs are paid from the child’s insurance.

Breastfeeding advice

  • Three sessions conducted by a midwife or a specially trained nursing professional.

Postnatal check-up

  • 1 check-up between the 6th and 8th week after the birth.

Supplementary outpatient insurance

Vitamin supplements

  • The costs of vitamins and minerals approved for women during pregnancy (e.g. Elevit pronatal, Andreavit) are covered proportionately under some supplementary insurance plans.

Antenatal exercise classes and postnatal exercise classes

  • Supplementary insurance plans cover part of the costs.

Hospital insurance

Benefits in the event of normal birth or caesarean section


  • Normal birth: 5 days (on average)
  • Caesarean section: 6 days (on average)


  • Two-bed room
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals among all Sanitas-accredited acute hospitals in Switzerland


  • Single room
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals worldwide

Maternity facility

  • If you choose to give birth in a maternity facility, please make sure to contact Customer Care Maternity in advance to find out whether the costs will be covered.

* The term maternity covers pregnancy from the 13th week, birth and recovery of the mother for 8 weeks after the birth. During this time, no cost share (deductible and copayment) is applied to the benefits applicable under your insurance cover.

Your personal insurance cover

Do you want to know what benefits are covered under your insurance?

With our Cover Check service you can find out for yourself or a family member whether Sanitas covers a specific benefit. You can use the check before you claim a benefit.

Here’s how it works: Open the Cover Check for you or a family member in the customer portal via the “Services” menu. In the Sanitas Portal app you’ll find the Cover Check directly in the menu. Enter the benefit you’re interested in (e.g. ultrasound, antenatal course, etc.) in the search box. The Cover Check will let you know whether Sanitas pays a share of the cost and, if so, how much.

If you have any questions on your insurance cover or aren't sure which supplementary insurance plan is best for you, we’ll be happy to help. Just call our advice hotline (0844 160 160) free of charge or complete the contact form.

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