Registering a child before birth

The best protection for your baby

The best protection for your baby

At birth, your baby is covered by the mother’s insurance. This insurance covers hospital costs, provided that the baby is born healthy. If, however, the child is born with complications necessitating hospital treatment, the costs are covered by the baby’s health insurance. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to consider the level of your baby’s cover before the birth.

Basic insurance can be taken out up to 3 months after the birth.

Insurance cover always applies from birth. If supplementary insurance is taken out for the baby during pregnancy, the child will be accepted without a medical exam. Insurance cover applies from birth.

If you apply for supplementary insurance after the birth of your child, a medical exam is compulsory for all plans. Following a successful medical exam, insurance cover applies from the 1st day of the following month. If babies are born with a congenital defect, they are usually either rejected from supplementary insurance cover outright or accepted subject to restrictions.

Admission without a health exam

  • Classic
  • Family

Hospital insurance plans

  • Hospital Standard Liberty
  • Hospital Extra Liberty*
  • Hospital Top Liberty*
  • Hospital Upgrade*

*One parent must have held the same hospital insurance plan for at least nine months prior to the application.

Congenital defects are illnesses suffered from birth and detected up to the age of five. These are clearly defined by the Swiss federal government and include defects such as cleft palate, club foot and congenital deafness. Costs for any medical treatment are borne by disability insurance (IV) up to the age of 20.

Some treatments for congenital defects are only covered by supplementary insurance. These include osteopathy and craniosacral therapies.



To make your choice easier, we’ve included the most popular combinations for basic and supplementary insurance in various packages:  

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I hereby confirm that I have read and acknowledge the relevant terms of insurance (general terms of insurance, supplementary terms and special terms) and customer information as per Art. 3 of the Swiss Federal Act on Insurance Contracts (VVG/LCA). I confirm that the information about me on this application form, even if the responses were written down by a third party, is complete, correct and truthful. I hereby release doctors, dentists, treatment facilities and other medical professionals, health insurers and other competent bodies from their statutory or contractual obligation to maintain professional confidentiality vis-à-vis Sanitas group companies and other insurance carriers in relation to the insurance for which I have applied. I authorise them to provide information required to assess the risks and possible breaches of the
disclosure obligation in connection with the insurance for which I have applied. In particular I authorise the insurance carrier to inspect any dossier that may exist in relation to basic and/or supplementary health insurance and to process the data. I authorise the insurance carrier to assess my eligibility for cover under a group insurance plan. I also undertake to notify the insurer immediately if I cease to be eligible for cover under such a plan. The discounts granted have been explained to me and I understand that the loss of or a change in these discounts does not entitle me to terminate the insurance. I agree to my data being used to the extent necessary in each case for processing claims, managed care and marketing purposes.  

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