Medical hotline

Medical advice on the phone

Medical advice on the phone

Working together with our independent partner Medgate, we offer expectant mothers free medical advice by phone around the clock.

Particularly during pregnancy, it’s extremely important for your well-being and the health of your baby to clarify the cause of any medical complaints quickly and treat them correctly. The medical hotline for expectant mothers is open 24/7, so you’re not bound by normal working hours or opening times. If you need medical advice during the night or at weekends, just pick up the phone. For instance, maybe you want to know what medication is safe to take against the flu or similar illnesses, or you have back or hip pain and want to ask about possible causes, or maybe you’re worried about bleeding or premature contractions.

Medgate comprises a team of over 40 doctors and some 100 medical professionals who are on hand to help and advise. They can offer treatment advice, prescribe suitable medication or refer you to a specialist or your gynaecologist.


Medical hotline for expectant mothers
Open around the clock, seven days a week

0844 110 110

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