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The best possible cover at a fair price

The best possible cover at a fair price

The insurance solution that’s best for you depends primarily on your requirements, but costs can also be a factor. We’ve put together three insurance packages for every budget. No matter which solution you choose, don’t forget to organise insurance for your child in good time.

Registering a child before birth
The best protection for your baby

Applying early for your child’s insurance certainly pays dividends. They should have the same coverage as their mother at the very minimum.





Compact One

Streamlined health insurance for uncomplicated people


Accident Extra Liberty or Accident Top Liberty / Capital Accident

Semiprivate or private accident insurance / lump-sum capital insurance in the event of death or disability

Basic / CallMed / CareMed / NetMed

Standard model with free choice of doctors / Basic insurance with telemedical advice / Basic medical care from family doctor / Family doctor plan with network of physicians



Family-friendly supplementary insurance


Hospital Standard Liberty

Flexible hospital insurance for the general ward


Hospital Upgrade**

Upgrade to a higher hospital category without a medical exam


Standard model with free choice of doctors



Family-friendly supplementary insurance


Hospital Extra Liberty / Hospital Top Liberty**

Hospital insurance for the semiprivate or private ward


The smart supplementary insurance for young people


The clever supplementary insurance for singles and couples

Medical Private

Free choice of doctors for outpatient treatment worldwide


Supplementary insurance for outpatient and inpatient dental care


Low-cost supplementary insurance

*To be entitled to Family insurance cover, at least one parent and one child must take out the plan.

** With these products, it is only possible to take out insurance before the birth of the child if at least one parent has had the same cover for at least 9 months.

Ways families can save with Sanitas basic insurance

Sanitas offers the choice of five different basic insurance models with the following savings:

  • Up to 15% premium discount with alternative insurance models
  • Discount for all children insured with Sanitas: 75% reduction on adult premium for the first child, 80% reduction on adult premium for every additional child

If you have any questions on your insurance cover or aren't sure which supplementary insurance plan is best for you, we’ll be happy to help. Just call our advice hotline free of charge or complete the contact form.

0844 160 160

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