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Sanitas health insurance and its partners


As a health insurer, Sanitas fosters close partnerships to offer you optimum insurance cover. We work with leading private insurance companies and partners to provide insurance solutions and services tailored to the phase of life you’re at.

Distribution partners

One-stop insurance solutions

If you’re insured with a partner of Sanitas you benefit from your personal advisor’s broad professional know-how in all areas of insurance. These experts can put together an insurance package geared precisely to your personal situation and your requirements.

Cooperation partners

Cooperation with strong partners

Having bespoke insurance with Sanitas means that you are able to rely on a range of useful services. Sanitas only goes into partnership with the best companies to be able to guarantee you optimum insurance cover in any situation.

Medgate – medical hotline

Thanks to Sanitas’s partnership with Medgate, customers have access to professional medical advice around the clock. Medgate has a team of 70 doctors on hand to provide support and advice.

Europ Assistance – for emergencies abroad

In the event of medical emergencies abroad, Sanitas customers with hospital insurance have access to a global network of specialists.

Hirslanden – every comfort when you’re in hospital

In partnership with the Hirslanden group of private hospitals, Sanitas offers the special supplementary hospital insurance solutions HirslandenCare and h-care, giving you all the benefits and comforts of care in a Hirslanden hospital.

Operationszentrum Zumikon – future-focused surgery

The Operationszentrum Zumikon (Zumikon surgical centre) is an independent medical company providing an ideal base for outpatient procedures – with safe, flexible and personal services. Sanitas customers with semiprivate and private insurance have had access to these services since September 2013, allowing them to benefit from a range of future-focused outpatient surgery procedures.

The Oviva personal dietician – lasting weight loss

The photo-based food tracking app from Oviva is a new, simple and flexible digital solution designed to help you achieve your target weight and improve your personal well-being. Regular contact with your coach provides you with important, personal tips on how to eat healthily.

swiss smile – professional dental care near you

Our cooperation partner swiss smile delivers high quality, experienced dentists and professional advice. swiss smile offers a full range of professional dental services at over 16 central locations throughout Switzerland. Sanitas customers with supplementary dental insurance benefit from preferential terms with swiss smile.

Philips – global leader

Philips is a leading global provider of medical technologies and services for hospitals, medical surgeries, laboratories and private individuals. Sanitas customers benefit from special prices on a number of Philips products when they take out specific insurance plans.

Ava – expertise for when you’re planning a family

Women can use the Ava bracelet to detect five out of six fertile days per cycle at 89% accuracy, increasing the chance of conceiving. Thanks to our partnership with Ava, Sanitas customers benefit from a reduction on the price of the bracelet plus valuable information on planning a family. Ava helps women get to know their body better and determine their fertility window quickly and easily. The Ava fertility tracker is a revolutionary new method of observing the menstruation cycle and female health.

Partner hospitals – support when you’re having trouble conceiving

The success rate is the most important factor when it comes to determining the quality of a fertility clinic. We’ve identified the top fertility clinics and hospitals specialising in fertility for you. All our partner clinics offer top-of-the-range services for couples who are having difficulty conceiving.

Our partner clinics: