Solidarity in a digital world | Sanitas health insurance
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Solidarity in a digital world

Solidarity in a digital world

The Sanitas health insurance foundation is promoting discussion of the way digitalisation is affecting society. It seeks to stimulate the discussion and offer platforms for public debate on the development of solidarity.

As digitalisation creates new opportunities in almost all areas of life, companies – including Sanitas – are developing products and services to help customers leverage the benefits of these new developments. However, in addition to entrepreneurial issues, these changes are also opening up social questions:

  • How do people feel about the way increasing amounts of data on their health and habits are being captured and measured in real time?
  • How does this affect our own behaviour and personal responsibility?
  • What is the impact on group dynamics if we're increasingly being compared to one another?
  • Are people taking greater responsibility for their actions? Is it creating new forms of solidarity?

The foundation presents studies and reports, commissions surveys, and organises events to help answer these questions. 

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