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Food for thought on solidarity in the digital age


How does digitalisation affect solidarity? The Sanitas health insurance foundation presents studies and offers experts and think tanks a platform for debate.

Digitalisation is affecting more and more areas of our life: the insurance industry, healthcare, the working world and society as a whole. How does digitalisation affect solidarity? Is it likely to strengthen or erode solidarity communities? A number of authors highlight different aspects in articles, interviews, videos and graphics.

Digitalisation, insurance and solidarity

Insurance models as solidarity communities: a blessing or a curse?

On behalf of the Sanitas health insurance foundation, the WIRE think tank investigated the links between digitalisation, insurance and solidarity. Find out more in the video (in German) or on the ideas map.

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The story of digitalisation
From individuality to community in a digital world: a tale of solidarity?
Donating in the digital age
Donating is an act of solidarity. Despite the many new online channels, digitalisation has so far had little impact on donor behaviour. This will change in the next few years.
Design your own insurance
21st century insurance – as easy as ordering pizza?
Is the principle of solidarity under threat?
Is the principle of solidarity set to be ousted by “pay as you live”? Trend researcher Stephan Sigrist shares his thoughts on the subject.
Digital Detox
Using digital tools to combat old and new dependencies.
Personalised nutrition and the way we eat
Personalised diet plans on the basis of DNA analysis? What are the implications for the way we eat? Brief article focusing on practical uses for new technologies.
Lifelogging: a digital diary
Interview with German sociologist Professor Stefan Selke.