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Surveys on digitalisation


Digital self-tracking and solidarity: On behalf of the Sanitas health insurance foundation, the Sotomo research institute questioned people in Switzerland about living with digitalisation.

The comprehensive online survey, which was conducted for the first time in 2018, trains the spotlight on life-tracking with smartphones, the willingness to share data, thoughts on data trails and data privacy, and people’s expectations of what it will be like to live in a society in a digital future.

How do the Swiss record their digital life data? What do they think of it all?

The results of the “Digital self-tracking and solidarity” survey indicate that the Swiss are willing to record their digital data on their life and behaviour. However, while many people are happy to use digital technology in their private life, their view of a society that is increasingly being shaped by digital tracking is not so positive.

The survey conducted by the Sotomo research institute questioned representatives of the Swiss population about what personal data they record, what they share with other people and what they think of a future characterised by total data collection. Key conclusions of the study:

  • Life tracking is widespread in Switzerland
  • People weigh the opportunities against potential risks: worries about privacy tend to take a backseat in everyday life
  • People are sceptical about data collection by third parties, particularly with regard to hackers/criminal activity, business and employment
  • Widespread reservations vis-à-vis a digitalised society: poses a challenge to solidarity and individual responsibility
  • Questions are raised about digital responsibility

To the survey results:

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Press release
Digital life tracking – a threat to solidarity and individual responsibility?