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Sanitas annual report

Every spring Sanitas publishes a comprehensive annual report (business report, financial section) with information on the most important developments during the past financial year and the Group’s annual results.

The 2017 annual report shows the past financial year from various perspectives: Chairman of the Board of Directors Otto Bitterli and CFO Wolfgang Wandhoven give a structured and in-depth account, while the «Key figures at a glance» section provides a quick overview of developments.

Further articles probe topics such as «High customer satisfaction and digital progress», «Sanitas recruits go-getters», «Time for new habits with the Sanitas Active app» and «Customer support from A to Z».

The annual report is rounded off with information on the financial year, corporate governance, the company’s new online presence and the Sanitas dialogue forum. The figures are presented transparently and in detail in the financial report.


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Financial statements for basic insurance

Here you will find the audited financial statements of Sanitas Grundversicherungen AG and Compact Grundversicherungen AG for 2017 plus additional information on the compensation of the board of directors and the executive board.

Financial statements for supplementary insurance

Here you will find the audited 2017 financial statements and the report on the 2017 financial situation at Sanitas Privatversicherungen AG.

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