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Sanitas supports youth health projects

Sanitas supports youth health projects

Sanitas has a range of social sponsorships supporting health promotion and preventive care, particularly among young people in Switzerland.

The foundation sets the framework for the activities of Sanitas health insurance. Alongside health insurance products and services, this also includes activities and projects aimed at health promotion and preventive care through which Sanitas exercises its social responsibility and makes a positive contribution to a bright future.

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Sanitas is committed to sponsorship and support. For example we sponsor the Sanitas Challenge Prize to promote innovative mass sport projects for young people, and encourage our customers to get more exercise outdoors.

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Sponsoring the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) Entrepreneur Club enables Sanitas to support budding entrepreneurs studying at ZHAW, alumni and start-ups in the Winterthur area, and to get actively involved in the debate on key issues. Big data and innovation in the healthcare industry, for example, are currently hot topics for both the ZHAW and Sanitas that will help shape the future. We are confident that everyone involved will benefit from this dialogue and look forward to a fascinating exchange.

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Since 2010, Sanitas health insurance has made a concrete contribution to climate protection as a partner of the Swiss Climate Foundation. Swiss legislation on carbon emissions requires that both individuals and corporations pay a levy on fuels. Since it’s designed as an incentive tax, part of the levy is paid back to businesses. Sanitas donates the money paid back, minus the actual costs of energy, to the Swiss Climate Foundation. The Swiss Climate Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation under federal oversight.

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