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Sports watches & co.

With their ability to count calories, measure pulse rates and record steps and kilometres, wrist measurement devices are gaining in popularity. Why do more and more people want to document their performance? Who is really set to benefit from these high-tech devices?

Just a few years ago, sports watches were almost exclusively the domain of ambitious athletes and elite sportspeople. But the last two or three years have seen these “digital coaches” become a trendy accessory for young and old alike – during leisure time and everyday working life. Today you’ll scarcely find a recreational runner jogging without GPS (global positioning system), or a major company that hasn’t organised a workplace pedometer challenge at some time. “Digitalisation reflects the spirit of the times. We’re achieving more and taking a more pro-active approach to life, both professionally and during leisure and sporting activities”, says sports psychologist Romana Feldmann. “With all the state-of-the-art gadgets currently on the market, we can measure, document and share our personal performance at any time at the touch of a button.”

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