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Sanitas running coaching

Running is one of the most popular sports in Switzerland. And it’s no small wonder: it’s good for your heart and circulation, you can do it anywhere, in any weather, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on sports clothing.  

The Sanitas running coaching programme is supporting two novices on their journey to their first 10 km race in December 2018. They’re being coached by Viktor Röthlin, winner of the marathon at the European Athletics Championships, and Sandra Johnson, Sanitas health coach. Find out how the candidates are faring here. You can also access tips on equipment, training, nutrition and much more. You too can get bitten by the running bug!

The candidates

Nicole Abgottspon, 34, project manager

“I want to do more sport and be in better shape. It’d be a real bonus if I were to lose weight as well.”

Nicole’s goal

“Obviously my goal is to run 10 km at the Silvesterlauf race. But the whole training aspect is just as important to me. I want keeping fit to become part of my daily routine again. An added bonus would be if I were to lose a couple of kilos along the way.”

Christoph Banik, 37, economist

“I want to find out how professional running and nutrition coaching will really affect my condition and health.”

Christoph’s goal

“I’m not just aiming to compete the Silvesterlauf, although I am of course interested to see where I’ll end up in the rankings. I want to improve my running technique and performance and my general fitness over the next few weeks.”

The coaches

Viktor Röthlin, European marathon champion and fitness expert

“I hope that Nicole and Christoph are not only able to complete the 10 km race, but that the coaching really helps them to keep fit long term.”

Viktor Röthlin on goals

“It’s vital that novices have a clear goal when training. Nicole and Christoph’s goal is to complete the 10 km run in the 2018 Zürcher Silvesterlauf. What I’m doing at the moment is setting them lots of interim goals as this keeps them motivated.”

Sandra Johnson, Sanitas health coach, nutritional psychologist

“I’m making sure that our candidates improve their running performance by making them more conscious of what they’re eating and generally improving their health.”

Sandra Johnson on food and training

“The candidates don’t have to eat more just because they’re training on a regular basis. What’s important is eating balanced meals with sufficient breaks between meals. Those looking to lose weight shouldn’t spend a lot of time standing on the bathroom scales, especially not after doing sport. All you’re doing is measuring any lost fluids.”

Running topics in an nutshell

Training tips

Here are a few tips on adopting the right running technique and optimising your training.

Equipment and aids

From the Sanitas Active app and the weekly planner to running shoes: you’ll run better if you have the right equipment.

Diet and nutrition

What, when and how much: Find out more about healthy eating and drinking habits here.


The perfect preparation for your race – here you’ll find tips, checklists, race dates and videos of our running coaching participants.

  • Milestone: Nicole and Christoph run in the Switzerland Marathon light  
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