Sanitas Active app FAQs

Sanitas Active app FAQs

What is my daily target and how is it set?

Your daily target is set automatically by the system based on your previous activities. It is a realistic target that you should be able to achieve by improving your fitness step by step.

How is the activity score calculated?

The activity score is an individual target based on your daily exercise habits. It includes steps taken, kilometres cycled and minutes swum.

How does the reward system work?

A coin is credited to your activity account when you reach a daily target. You can use this credit to redeem vouchers.

How does a challenge work?

We set you a challenge. If you accept the challenge, you get double the benefits: You receive coins for completing an activity as normal, but you get an additional reward for completing the challenge.

How do I use my coins?

You can choose a voucher that you want to work towards. Once you’ve earned enough coins, you can redeem the voucher. The voucher is activated and the code displayed can be redeemed in our partner company’s online shop.

The code can only be used once.

Which fitness trackers are compatible with the app?

The app lists the compatible fitness trackers and guides you through the connection process. You can add additional trackers or change the data source at any time under Settings/Data sources. If you want to track cycling activities with the Health Kit, you need an additional app such as Strava. You’ll find a comprehensive list of compatible devices here.

How can I activate notifications?

You can activate or deactivate notifications under Settings/Notifications. We recommend that you keep the push notifications activated to keep up-to-date with new challenges and your daily targets.

Do I have to carry the smartphone on which the app is installed in order to record my activities?

If you record your activities with the motion sensor in your smartphone then you have to have your smartphone on you. However, if you use a wearable device (wristband tracker), you don’t have to carry your smartphone, but you do have to synchronise the data with your smartphone afterwards.

Can I use the app offline?

The app does not always have to be open or connected to the internet. Data can be collected offline. As soon as your smartphone has an internet connection, your exercise data will be synchronised. Data can be synced for up to a maximum of 7 days.

How long will my fitness data be stored?

Your fitness data will be stored until you delete it.

Is data in the Sanitas Active app checked against customer health insurance data?

Yes, we use this data to offer you preventive advice in health matters at an early stage and to tailor our products and services to your individual needs.

Can I delete my data?

You can delete your data at any time under Settings. Important: when you delete your data, your entire profile will be deleted and you will have to register again if you want to use the Sanitas Active app in the future.

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