Digital vaccination pass: FAQ

Digital vaccination pass: FAQ

The following conditions must be met in order to use the digital vaccination pass:

  • You are a Sanitas customer
  • You have your personal vaccination record to hand
  • You have a smartphone
  • You have signed up for the Sanitas customer portal or app
  • You’ve downloaded the Sanitas Portal app onto your phone

Select “Services” in the vaccination pass menu. You’ll see the vaccination reminder service in the overview.

Activate the “Vaccination reminders” option. Please note that messages from this app must also be enabled in the settings of your device.

Scan in vaccination record

Goto the "Vaccination pass" menu item in the Sanitas Portal app. Select the “Vaccination record” tab. Tap on the camera symbol on your smartphone screen. Take a photo of your vaccination record. The photo of your vaccination record will be saved to the digital vaccination pass.

Entering vaccinations in the checklist

Make sure you have the paper copy of your personal vaccination record to hand. This lists which vaccinations you’ve already had. Enter vaccines in the vaccine search to find out which diseases these vaccines protect you against.

Tick the boxes of all the diseases you’re immunised against in the checklist of the digital vaccination pass.

Updating your data

Once you’ve activated the vaccination reminder function, you’ll receive reminders when you’re due for a vaccination. Rescan the paper copy of your vaccination record and update the checklist every time you receive a new vaccination.

No – the digital vaccination pass isn’t intended as a replacement for your paper vaccination record. If you receive new vaccinations, your doctor is  required to record these on the paper copy of your vaccination record.

The digital vaccination pass is primarily intended as a digital copy of your vaccination record. It enables you to keep track of the latest information on your vaccinations. What’s more, you’ll receive a reminder when you’re due for a vaccination or a booster.

Sometimes your blood group is entered on the front of your vaccination record. Many people, however, simply don’t know their blood group. Your doctor can perform a simple blood test to determine what your blood group is.

When scanning your vaccination pass, you can update individual pages. Choose the page you want to update. Photograph the relevant page of your vaccination record to replace the page in your digital vaccination pass. 

It’s entirely up to you which functions of the digital vaccination pass you use. You can just scan in your vaccination record and save it. But you can also just complete the checklist or use the vaccination reminder function. The vaccination reminder works regardless of whether you’ve completed the checklist or not.

The checklist is designed to give you an overview of vaccinations you’ve already had. You’ll receive reminders for primary vaccinations according to the Swiss vaccination schedule for people in your age group at the current point in time. You won’t receive reminders for previous years.

No. The digital vaccination pass is limited to  vaccinations classed as primary vaccinations according to the Swiss vaccination schedule.


The following are classed as primary vaccinations: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), poliomyelitis (IPV), measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B (HBV), varicella (VZV), human papillomavirus (HPV) and influenza.

Each primary vaccination is administered at a specific age. More detailed information on primary vaccinations can be found in the factsheets published by the Federal Office of Public Health.

Your vaccination record lists the names of the vaccinations which you’ve already had. Some vaccines protect against one disease, whereas others may protect against several.

At the top left of the checklist you’ll see a search field called “Vaccine search”. Enter the name here exactly as it’s written on your vaccination record. The search results will show which diseases this vaccine protectsagainst. You can then tick the relevant diseases in your checklist.

If you haven’t received any reminders, you aren’t due for any primary vaccinationsaccording to the Swiss vaccination   schedule. Many vaccinations are administered in childhood, which means you’re already immunised against the relevantdiseases. Some vaccinations are even designed to offer lifelong immunity. This means you’re unlikely to receive many reminders once you reach adulthood.

Yes. Tick the box in the checklist next to the age at which you received the vaccination.

You’re receiving vaccination reminders as push notifications because you’ve activated the vaccination reminder function. You’ll find the setting in the overview of your digital vaccination pass.

You’ve been sent a vaccination reminder because according to the Swiss vaccination schedule, people in your age group are due a primary vaccination. Please contact your doctor to arrange an appointment for this vaccination if necessary.

Detailed information on vaccinations and recommended vaccinations can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health.

Sanitas merely provides the infrastructure for data storage. Your vaccination data is not passed on to third parties or used for medical purposes or case assessments, and it cannot be accessed by Sanitas employees.

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