Basic – Standard model with complete freedom of choice

Basic – Standard model with complete freedom of choice

Three good reasons for choosing Basic

  • Free choice of doctors for treatments
  • Free medical advice by phone, around the clock, from Medgate
  • Online customer portal for more convenient management of your insurance affairs

Basic, the standard mandatory basic insurance model from health insurer Sanitas, gives you a free choice of healthcare providers.

Standard basic insurance also entitles you to round-the-clock phone or email medical advice from qualified physicians before you go to the doctor – free of charge, and with no obligation on your part.

This helps avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor and saves money, because telemedical advice doesn’t incur any costs.

Compact Basic: standard model

In addition to the Basic insurance model offered by Sanitas Grundversicherungen AG, Sanitas also provides a standard model via Compact Grundversicherungen AG. This gives customers a free choice of doctors under their basic insurance in return for limitations on the services they have access to. If you’re interested, please contact us to arrange a consultation: 0844 11 00 11 (9 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday).

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