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Insurance solutions for different needs

Insurance solutions for different needs

Sanitas offers an impressive range of modern health insurance solutions giving you optimum cover and security as you move through different stages of your life. Based on our telemedicine model, Compact is low cost and offers special services for families. People whose priority is freedom of choice and cover for a broad range of medical treatment opt for Original. Those seeking outstanding cover and privileged access to high-end services choose Preference.

Sanitas Compact
Streamlined health insurance for uncomplicated people
  • Premium discount on your basic insurance
  • Initial phone consultation with a doctor, around the clock
  • Hospital care in the general ward
  • Cover possible for trips abroad and for benefits not included in basic insurance
  • Benefit for families: free 24/7 children’s health hotline















Sanitas customer portal

Customer service by phone: 9 am to 2 pm, Mon-Fri

Service for families: free emergency nanny referral service

Sanitas Original
Smart health insurance for all your needs
  • Flexible choice of basic insurance model
  • Free choice of all contractual hospitals throughout Switzerland (general ward)
  • Choice of semiprivate or private ward before you go into hospital
  • Possible to include cover for alternative medicine, contributions to preventive health, glasses and contact lenses, and emergency treatment abroad














Sanitas customer portal

Free medical advice by phone, around the clock

Possible to pay for drugs with personal insurance card

Sanitas Preference
Health insurance for discerning people
  • Top-comfort hospital care in a single or two-bed room
  • Treatment from senior and chief consultants
  • Option of free choice of doctors and hospitals worldwide
  • In emergencies: medical assistance and repatriation to Switzerland
  • Outstanding cover abroad
  • Preferential access to leading specialists and cutting-edge medicine
  • If desired, free second medical opinions from independent specialists
  • Possible to include cover for alternative medicine and contributions to preventive health, glasses and contact lenses

Support on insurance and benefits matters from a personal advisor

Priority Access

Health programmes

Sanitas customer portal

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