Classic – Intelligent supplementary insurance for singles and couples

Classic – Intelligent supplementary insurance for singles and couples

Three good reasons for choosing Classic

  • Comprehensive package of benefits: transport, vision aids, alternative medicine, uninsured drugs, etc.
  • Attractive contributions to prevention and health promotion measures
  • Emergency outpatient treatment abroad

For singles and couples


  • Emergency outpatient treatment abroad
  • Alternative medicine, maternity, uninsured drugs, medical aids, dental braces, glasses and contact lenses
  • Gynaecological check-ups
  • Regular medical check-ups, vaccinations
  • Contribution to fitness centre memberships
  • Rooming-in when young children are in hospital
  • If necessary (e.g. if starting a family), possible to switch to Family supplementary outpatient care plan without a health exam
  • Insurance free for third child and any further children

Classic is a comprehensive supplementary plan from health insurer Sanitas for singles and couples looking for services geared specifically to their needs. Classic supplementary insurance closes gaps in your mandatory basic cover, paying benefits in areas such as alternative medicine, drugs, medical aids, glasses and contact lenses, and preventive measures such as contributions to Qualitop-certified fitness centres.

We advise combining this with supplementary inpatient insurance: from health insurer Sanitas to make sure you’re also comprehensively covered for emergency treatment abroad and transport and rescue costs.

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