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Low-cost supplementary insurance for travel

Low-cost supplementary insurance for travel

Planning a round-the-world trip, a language course abroad or an exchange year? Your basic insurance covers only standard benefits for emergency treatment, transport and rescue operations. The Easy supplementary insurance plan includes key benefits for travel, covers additional costs and offers rapid help abroad through Sanitas Assistance.

Your benefits with Easy

Easy covers higher costs than basic insurance. For example, the supplementary insurance plan covers:


  • 90% of the costs for emergency outpatient treatment abroad
  • 100% of the treatment costs for hospitalisation abroad
  • 100% of transport and rescue costs


In addition, Sanitas Assistance offers support for incidents abroad and relieves you of many administrative and organisational tasks. And it costs just CHF 8 a month if you’re under 55 and take out the insurance cover for three years.

Overview of benefits

Emergency treatment abroad
  • Covers 90% of the costs of outpatient treatment, up to an unlimited amount
  • Covers 100% of the costs of treatment in the event of hospitalisation
Sanitas Assistance
  • Organises medical care, including advances for the costs
  • Organises and covers the costs of medically necessary transportation, including repatriation to Switzerland
  • Covers the costs of visitors and accompanying persons
Transport and rescue costs
  • Emergency transport to the nearest doctor or hospital,  up to an unlimited amount
  • Search operations for people who have had an accident or fallen acutely ill (up to a maximum of CHF 20,000)

Rapid assistance abroad

If you have an accident or fall ill abroad, Sanitas Assistance is on hand to help. Our medical hotline organises support and care, covers all advance payments and organises transport, including return travel to Switzerland. Sanitas Assistance is a great help if you’re unfamiliar with a particular country’s healthcare system or are travelling alone. Hotline: +41 (0)44 813 66 66

Take out insurance online now

You can take out insurance online or by phoning our customer service team. Our advisors are available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm on 0844 150 150.

Supplement Easy with a hospital insurance plan

Hospital Standard Liberty
Free choice of hospitals in the general ward
Hospital Extra Liberty
Free choice of doctors and hospitals in the semiprivate ward
Hospital Top Liberty
Free choice of doctors and hospitals in the private ward


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