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People and digital transformation

People and digital transformation

Our world is changing at a pace seldom seen before. For example, we now do shopping online and book holidays digitally. Our daily lives are increasingly shaped by Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. This has both positive and negative effects. Find out here how to live healthily in our digital world.

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Freedom – no internet, greater productivity

Freedom is an app designed to help you get creative without distractions. You can use it to deactivate specific apps and your internet connection, turning your smartphone temporarily back to a simple phone.

Break your internet addiction with the Freedom app.

Forest – focus and plant trees

Plant virtual and real trees with the Forest app! Once you’ve planted a tree, to make it grow you have to stay away from your phone for your selected period of time. The more often you take a break from your phone without interruption, the bigger your forest will grow. If you leave the Forest app to use another function on your phone, the tree dies.

You’ll find the guide to planting trees here.  

Moment – hard facts

The first step toward change is awareness. Do you know how much time you spend on your mobile phone? Probably more than you’d like. The Moment app presents you with the hard facts.

Read our review.

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