Current advertising campaign | Sanitas health insurance

Time for new habits

As a health insurer, the health of our customers is important to us. But what does it take to live healthily? Our current advertising campaign focuses on this question.

Anyone wanting to live more healthily often has to change their habits. Our current campaign is designed to encourage people to take this step. But it’s not always easy, because people are creatures of habit. We tend to only change our habits if we enjoy doing something or if we benefit from the change. And that’s where our campaign comes in.

Get exercising and earn rewards with the Sanitas Active app
Regular exercise has a positive impact on our health. The Active app is designed to encourage as many people as possible to do moderate exercise on a regular basis. The first step is simple: download the Sanitas Active app free of charge. Users are rewarded for doing exercise, with a coin credited to their account for every daily target they reach. The coins can then be exchanged for vouchers.

The power of habits
The subject of habits opens up a world of fascinating questions, which we try to give answers to. But we don’t just talk about health. For example, we look at how to stay flexible in times of rapid change. We also examine whether we control our habits or vice versa.

This is the idea explored by our three new commercials, entitled “The power of habits”:

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