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Coconut – For adults

Make exciting things out of coconuts or delicious coconut dishes with your kids. You’ll also find tips for a tropical adventure!

Trips to the tropics

Taking a trip to the tropics with your kids doesn’t mean you have to go on a long journey. There are places in Switzerland where you’ll get that tropical feeling and experience a whole new world.

Suggested trips for you:

The Masoala Rainforest at Zurich Zoo

Zurich Zoo’s Masoala Rainforest helps prevent the destruction of forests, and is a great place to find out about the wildlife and culture of the Masoala Pensinsula in Madagascar.

Tropical House Frutigen and Tropical House Wolhusen

The tropical houses in Frutigen and Wolhusen are showcases for cultivating tropical plants and sustainable fish farming. In the restaurant you can also try their fresh homemade foods.

Craft ideas

Here you’ll find great ideas for making things out of coconuts. Get creative with your kids.

Exotic recipes

We've compiled a list of the most delicious coconut recipes and tried them out for you.

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