Health coaching

Health coaching: actively do something for your health

Health coaching: actively do something for your health

Things are always easier if you have support, especially if it’s from a professional. This is where free health coaching from Sanitas comes in.

A personal health coach will talk to you to set realistic goals and help you achieve them. They can support you with anything from losing weight or reducing stress to getting more exercise. 

Who is health coaching designed for?

  • You’re motivated and prepared to make permanent changes to your lifestyle.
  • You want a better quality of life.
  • You suffer from type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or metabolic disorders. 
  • You hold semiprivate/private hospital insurance or basic insurance with supplementary outpatient/inpatient insurance with Sanitas.

Metabolic syndrome: high-risk factors 

Obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders: if you’re affected by more than one of these things, in medical parlance it’s known as metabolic syndrome. It’s something that’s happening more and more frequently, primarily because of people’s unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits. Metabolic syndrome has far-reaching consequences: people diagnosed with it are three times more likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack than healthy people.

The good news is that the risk can be reduced. Sign up for health coaching!

Coaching is easy and free of charge

  1. You sign up by completing and returning the reply slip or online at Sanitas health coaching.
  2. We contact you to find out your basic needs.
  3. For four days you keep a record of what you eat, which will serve as the basis for the coaching.
  4. Your personal health coach will contact you for your first consultation. You’ll discuss what you want to achieve and set some initial, achievable goals.
  5. Once a month your coach will call you to discuss your progress and give you tips and advice – and if necessary help with getting and staying motivated.
  6. On average, coaching goes on for six months. The agreed goals are binding.


Contact us! We’ll be glad to advise you in person. The health coaching is offered in German, French and Italian.

Digital support: Oviva app

Communicate more easily with your coach:

Your health coach will give you an access code to sign up for the Oviva app.

You use the app to take and save photos of what you eat and drink. Your coach can go to the app any time to view your photos and comments. You can also connect your activity tracker, for example Fitbit or Apple Health, to the app. Use of the app is voluntary and free of charge. 

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