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Preventing falls at home

The research is indisputable: falls are a particularly high risk for elderly people, and are the most frequent type of accident among the over-65s. No fewer than 94% of these falls occur at home.

They can result in injuries that severely limit your ability to cope with day-to-day life or even lead to the loss of your independence.

There are many factors that can increase your risk of falling. Alongside the typical tripping hazards around the home, various health conditions can also make a fall more likely.

This is another area where Sanitas supports its customers

In collaboration with Rheumaliga Schweiz (Swiss Rheumatism League), Sanitas offers its customers a programme called “Get through your day safely: preventing falls at home”. Participants get personal advice at home from specially trained physiotherapists, and learn how to reduce their risk of a fall.


You’re eligible to take part in the prevention programme if you have Sanitas basic insurance including accident cover plus Sanitas private or semiprivate supplementary insurance. If you have this, Sanitas will cover the full costs of the programme. The programme is offered in German, French and Italian.

The fall prevention programme of Rheumaliga Schweiz is available throughout Switzerland.

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