Your back

The stronger the better

Our back consists of 34 articulating vertebrae and 24 spinal discs. Added to this are 14 muscles that move and stabilise the spine, and 31 pairs of nerves that connect our brain with the spinal cord, transmitting information in fractions of a second.

A pain in the back

According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS/FSO), 43% of all Swiss people suffer from back problems. One of the main reasons is our modern lifestyle, with many hours of sitting, too little exercise, unilateral strain, and other stress factors besides. So the key to a strong, healthy back is to get regular exercise your whole life long, and be aware when it comes to the stresses and strains you put on your body.

Young backs need exercise

Take the initiative and do something with your kids: cycling, swimming in or just playing out doors are all great ways of getting exercise and having fun together. Check out our exercise ideas for inspiration.

Tips for a strong back

Your back
Back exercises

Did you know

that you’re smaller in the evening than in the morning? The discs in your back get really “squeezed out” during the day. During the night the discs absorb fluid from neighbouring vertebrae, so by the morning we’re back to our full height.

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