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How to save money with Sanitas

Looking for insurance cover tailored to your needs with opportunities to save money on top? You need look no further than Sanitas. Here you’ll find our top money-saving tips and attractive products.


  • Option to upgrade cover without a health exam: If you don’t need the benefits of semiprivate or private supplementary hospital insurance right now, but would like the option later on, Sanitas has the perfect solution: Hospital Upgrade gives you the choice of upgrading to a higher category of hospital insurance without a health exam within a period of up to 20 years. It doesn’t cost much, and enables you to adapt your cover flexibly to your state of health in the long term – a huge advantage.
  • Generics instead of original drugs: Make sure you always ask your doctor or chemist if a generic equivalent of the drug you need is available. Generics have the same active ingredients as the original drug, but are often much cheaper. You can use the generic drug finder to find out whether your medication is also available as a generic:
    Generic drug finder
  • Sanitas shop: The best insurance is plenty of exercise. With this in mind, our shop offers a range of high-quality sports products.
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  • Online pharmacy: Order drugs and medication online from our partner pharmacies for discounts on the entire range of products.
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