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Sanitas health insurance and its partners

Sanitas health insurance and its partners

Health insurer Sanitas fosters close partnerships to be able to offer you optimum cover. We work with reputable private insurance companies and partners to provide insurance solutions and services tailored to the phase of life you’re at.

Optimum, one-stop insurance solutions

If you’re insured with a partner of Sanitas health insurance you benefit from your personal advisor’s broad professional know-how in all areas of insurance. They can put together an insurance package precisely geared to your personal situation, expectations and risks. Together with its partners, Sanitas can offer you the optimum health insurance solution.

Seamless collaboration with strong partners
Having insurance with Sanitas means being able to rely on a range of useful health insurance services in any situation. For this reason we only go into partnership with the best companies to be able to guarantee you optimum insurance cover in any situation.

Medgate: 24-hour advice and support by phone
Sanitas health insurance has a partnership with Medgate. This gives people insured with Sanitas 24-hour access to medical advice – with doctors also available at weekends.

Europ Assistance: for emergencies abroad
Thanks to a partnership with Europ Assistance, customers who have Sanitas hospital insurance can rely on the worldwide support of a network of specialists.

Hirslanden: every comfort when you’re in hospital
In partnership with the Hirslanden group of private hospitals, health insurer Sanitas offers special hospital insurance solutions called HirslandenCare and h-care that give you all the benefits and comforts of care in a Hirslanden hospital.

OPERAtionszentrum Zumikon
As an independent outpatient medical facility, OPERAtionszentrum Zumikon is the ideal location for outpatient interventions, offering a service that is safe, flexible and personal. Since September 2013, its optimised range has been available to all Sanitas customers with semiprivate or private cover, thus allowing them to benefit from state-of-the-art outpatient surgery.

Oviva personal dietitian
The new photo-based food tracking app from Oviva is a simple and very flexible digital solution designed to help you achieve your target weight and feel great inside and out. Regular feedback from your coach gives you important tips on how to eat healthily and achieve lasting weight loss with a plan tailored to your personal lifestyle.

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