Professional case management – support in difficult times

Professional case management – support in difficult times

Personal case management

Sanitas case managers are specially trained to offer support and advice to your employees in difficult times, for example, if they’ve been ill or had an accident and are looking to get back to work. One advisor is assigned to your case from beginning to end.


Workplace reintegration

Going back to work after an accident or illness is often a very big step. Our experienced case managers support you and your employees and provide individual advice every step of the way. They also perform key organisational tasks and act as a professional intermediary between all parties.


The benefits for you as an employer:

  • Targeted relief through professional care
  • Personal advisor
  • Shorter employee absences and faster return to work
  • Lower costs, e.g. for continuation of salary payments, which in turn have a positive impact on insurance premiums


The benefits for your employees:

  • Personal advisor
  • Qualified support and advice for the duration of the case
  • Better chance of successful reintegration into the workplace
  • Better chance of returning to original job
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