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Sanitas review: Moment app

The Moment app informs me that I've used my smartphone for 142, 137 and 131 minutes respectively over the last three days. It records how long and how often per day I look at my mobile phone. It's brutally honest!

Tested by Nicola Bryner, trainee at Sanitas

If you download the light version, the app starts recording your usage immediately. The full version offers additional features. For example, it lets you know which apps you use most frequently and allows you to synchronise your tablet and smartphone. You can also set a daily limit. The manufacturer claims that the full version reduces daily smartphone usage by 26 minutes in the first two weeks.



The constant digital controller played on my conscience, so I reduced my smartphone usage considerably. It's a great app that makes you aware of how much you use your phone and encourages you to change your habits.


My rating

+ Easy to operate

+ Significantly reduces smartphone usage

+ Minimal battery usage

+ Family friendly


– Full version costs CHF 4 a month

Currently available for iOS.