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Sanitas review: Sleep Better app

I've often wondered why I sometimes have problems falling asleep, sleeping through the night or waking up feeling refreshed. The Sleep Better app is supposed to analyse and improve my sleep patterns.

Tested by Sandro Weber, Digital Market Development Project Manager

How does it work? Sensors integrated into my smartphone record my sleep cycle based on the noises and movements I make during the night. After downloading the app, I enter that I’ve exercised, drunk more coffee than water as usual and eaten late in the evening. This helps determine how my daily routine affects my sleep efficiency.

Then I place the smartphone next to my pillow. Next morning I’m woken gently by the Good Mood tune. According to the statistics, I was awake for 10 minutes, slept lightly for 1 hour 45 minutes and slept deeply for 6 hours 20 minutes. That represents outstanding sleep efficiency of 98%.



The Sleep Better app is a really simple way of analysing and improving sleep patterns without the need for any additional devices.


My rating

+ Easy to operate

+ Statistics function with graphs and charts

+ Smart alarm wakes you up at the ideal time

+ Handy function for recording dreams

+ Wake up feeling refreshed


– My smartphone sometimes fell off the bed

Sleep Better is available for iOS und Android.