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You’re eating for two now: healthy eating is a must!

As your baby and the placenta grows and develops during pregnancy, you need to consume more calories. From the second trimester you should therefore concentrate on boosting your calorie intake.

Many women can also experience heartburn during the course of their pregnancy as the baby presses down on their stomach. A little milk can help ease heartburn.

It can be a good idea to include small snacks in your meal plan – especially if you no longer want to eat so much during your main meals. Healthy and tasty snacks are a great way of taking on additional calories.

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Suitable snacks

  • A handful of nuts
  • Wholegrain crackers
  • Rice/corn cakes
  • 1 slice of wholemeal bread with cheese or ham
  • Vegetables with a quark dip
  • Small portion of low-fat quark with fruit
  • Milkshake
  • Hot or cold Ovomaltine
  • A little milk against heartburn

Bon appetit!

Sibylle Abt

Qualified nutritionist and director of PEBS (preventive nutrition and exercise counselling during pregnancy and up to a year after birth)