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Games and craft ideas with Sani

Welcome to Sani the seal’s homepage. Sani has a wealth of ideas at his flipper tips for you. He loves to play and do crafts, enjoys baking and sweet things, and likes to spend time outdoors. Do you want to join in?

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Your child and Sani the cuddly seal will be best friends in no time.

Other tips and ideas from Sani

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Sani´s banana trick
You’ll fool everybody with the banana trick: You peel the whole banana and it’s already cut into pieces inside. Sani will show you how.
Sani´s campfire bread
Have you built up an appetite while exploring the forest? Sani shows you how to make your own campfire bread to cook outdoors.
Make your own scented soap
Sani knows how important it is to wash your hands – or flippers – regularly. Once he’s finished his spring clean he makes sure to wash his flippers with a gentle, scented bar of soap. Make your own scented soap with Sani.
Baking cupcakes with Sani
Bake tasty cupcakes with Sani. It’s simple – Sani shows you how. Once they’re out of the oven, you can decorate them with sparkling edible balls, Smarties or little marzipan figures.
Sani’s kite
Sani has been looking forward to making his own kite for ages. Of course he wants to decorate it with lots of colours. Do you want to learn how to make your own kite too? Sani will show you how!
Travel – For adults
Long journeys can be really boring for children. To help you out, we’ve put together a few fun games. All the games are quick and easy to prepare and are sure to make the journey pass faster.
Future – For kids
Experience the future with your children – today! Sani has put together a few ideas for you.
Future – For adults
If you fancy taking a thrilling trip to the future, why not take your children to the Urania-Sternwarte observatory in Zurich or spend a day at Technorama.
Hedgehog – For kids
The hedgehog is one of the oldest living mammals. Sani takes a closer look at this spiky little animal and shows you how to make your own.
Hedgehog – For adults
We’ve put together a few tips and tricks on how you and your children can make your garden hedgehog-friendly. And ever wondered what to do if you find a hedgehog? You’ll find some helpful advice below.
Coconut – For kids
Sani shows you everything there is to know about coconuts.
Bees – For adults
Fascinating experience for grown-ups and kids.