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Interesting background information on sports and exercise. Looking for a new game or sport? Our experts provide you with ideas, give you tips and delve into popular myths.


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Sanitas running coaching

Nicole Abgottspon and Christoph Banik are preparing to take part in the Zürcher Silvesterlauf race with the help of Viktor Röthlin 

Hiking in Switzerland

Discover hiking in Switzerland, with tips for buying walking boots, app reviews and the most picturesque hiking trails – even with a stroller.

Sport and the heart: the dream team

Sport and exercise are equally good for healthy and sick hearts. Cardiologist Christophe Wyss explains why.  

Don’t give up!

Does improving your technique make running, tennis and swimming more fun? It’s always a good idea to review established patterns of movement and try out new things with a coach – even with classic sports.

Three coaches answer questions and give their top three tips.

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A new spin on an old trend
What is a trend? It’s often a reinterpretation of something that already exists. It’s no different with sports. Five experts provide insights.
Independent play is important
Stefan Schötzau explains why it’s so important to promote physical activity among children and what parents need to know.
Green smoothies – healthy or hype?
Green smoothies are currently all the rage, but are they really as healthy as people claim? Dietitian Béatrice Chiari believes these green drinks are a simple and tasty way of giving the body a concentrated shot of vitamins and minerals.
What’s the quickest way to warm up ice-cold fingers?
Do you know? There are many myths, claims and rumours surrounding sport and nutrition. Some are true, others aren’t. We’d like to know what you think and clear up a few myths. Take part in our survey and find out the right answer.
Bruno Kneubühler has spent over ten years promoting safe and adventurous snowshoe routes in Switzerland.
Stairway to fitness
Personal trainer Andreas Tasci often uses stairs in his sessions for efficient training whatever the location. To do these five exercises all you need is a set of stairs.
Feel like Rocky! Boxing – a whole-body workout
Boxing coach Beda Mathis explains why fitness boxing is a great whole-body workout.
Are sore muscles after exercise always a bad sign?
There are many myths, claims and rumours surrounding sport and nutrition. Some are true, others aren’t. We’d like to know what you think and clear up a few myths. Take part in our survey and find out the right answer.
teenage couple balancing slackline on the beach
Slacklining: balancing for any age
Samuel Volery is a human movement science researcher at the ETH and multiple world record holder on the slackline. Read on for his tips for beginners and to find out why slacklining holds such a fascination for him.
Postnatal exercise
What are the benefits of postnatal exercise?
Bouldering demands skill, coordination, flexibility and – depending on the chosen route – a lot of strength. Experienced boulderer Adi Schiess gives a few tips for beginners.
Forest: fun for families
As a forest and nature instructor, Ursula Fluri takes groups into the forest in every season – whatever the weather. Here are her tips for families.
Stand up Paddling
SUP instructor Marc Maurer explains how beginners can get the most out of stand up paddle boarding this summer.
Inline skating
Simon Eichenberger, owner of the Rolling Rock skate and sport centre in Aarau, started inline skating 20 years ago. Here are his tips for beginners.
Does swimming make you stronger?
Swimming is healthy, but does it make you stronger? Of course, says swimming coach Toby Herrlich.
Running coach Patrick Flückiger explains how the right training will help you complete – and enjoy – your first longer race.
Switzerland is paradise for sledging enthusiasts – there are fantastic trails and tracks in every part of the country for the whole family to discover. We’ve listed some of the most spectacular below, but be warned – even sledging is not without its perils. It’s more fun when you abide by a few simple rules.
The skipping rope
What should I look for when buying a skipping rope? What do I need to know about skipping? Duja Flückiger, skipping rope enthusiast and competition judge, tells us all we need to know about skipping.
What’s the best way to improve endurance when jogging?
Fascial training
How does fascial training work, who is it suitable for, and what can the foam roller be used for? Severin Eggenschwiler, qualified physiotherapist and fascial fitness trainer, answers the most important questions.
Is stretching after exercise beneficial?
Pump track
On the pump track you develop a natural feel for the bike.
Performance analysis
Who would benefit from undergoing a performance analysis?
why is playtime so important?
Seven questions for Simona Anstett, play therapist from anomis Spielpädagogik
Kids’ backs
In our interview, Dr Susanne Stronski Huwiler, a specialist in children’s and young people’s medicine and head of the City of Zurich’s school medical service, talks about the state of our kids’ backs and explains what’s good for children’s back health.
Vitamin D
s vitamin D an all-rounder? 9 questions to Prof. Heike Bischoff-Ferrari, DrPH
Heart rate
Depending on your goal and what stage of training you’re at, it may make more sense to either train at the basic level or use targeted intervals to additionally boost your heart rate and challenge your body. Dr Simone Wirth, sports medicine specialist and sports instructor, explains what kind of training is appropriate.
You’ll only reach your goal if you set simple, clear goals. Professor Julia Schüler explains how the “if-then” principle works and the benefits of digital motivational aids.