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Sanitas review: Swiss Red Cross’s blood donor app

SRC blood donor

I became a blood donor more by chance than design. When I was doing military service back in 1998 I saw a poster opposite our barracks with the call to “Donate blood, save lives!”. So I went along with a few mates to try it out. That’s more than 15 years ago now, and I still give blood three or four times a year. I’ll soon be making my 50th donation.

Tested by Stefan Lienhard, Channel Manager Social Media

As a keen smartphone user, I saw the SRC (Swiss Red Cross) blood donor app about a year ago and quickly downloaded it. It’s easy to use. All you have to do is complete your profile by entering your personal details, phone number and email address along with your blood group, usual blood donor centre and the last time you gave blood, and you’re good to go. Now I can search for my nearest blood donor centre, register online as a blood stem cell donor, change my address details or find a wealth of information on blood, blood donation and blood stem cell donation. When you’re next due to give blood, you’ll be sent a push notification with details of available dates, locations and opening times of centres near you.



The blood donor app is quick to set up and easy to use. By launching this app, the Swiss Red Cross is demonstrating its commitment to digitalisation and leveraging new channels of communication. The app focuses on the needs of donors and offers a number of useful features. However, there’s still room for improvement. It would be great if the processes were electronic end to end, for example if you could complete the donation form online or choose to be sent information by email only, etc.


My rating

+ Easy to use

+ Reminders for upcoming donor appointments

+ Info pages “Blood” and “Blood stem cell donation”

+ Option to donate money online for blood stem cell donations

+ Available in 3 languages (German, French, Italian)


– Although I have the app I’m still sent information by post

– I can’t answer the questionnaire (to be completed before every donation of blood) in the app

– Appointment reminder does not always work (incorrect location detection)

The blood donor app is available for iOS and Android.