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Sanitas review: e-symptoms app


The e-symptoms app is an electronic diary for those suffering from an allergy or asthma. Users can record their symptoms and send them to their doctor to get a clear diagnosis.

Tested by: Daniel Hörschläger, Head of eIT at Sanitas

The app has been developed on behalf of the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre and other Swiss companies. The e-symptoms app enables sufferers to monitor and record their symptoms, and capture information on the medication they’re taking and details of their lifestyle.

App users can send their diary with the logged data electronically to their doctor before an appointment. Data on the pollen count, air pollutants and rain is added automatically to the overview to provide the doctor with additional information and to ensure the diagnosis is as accurate as possible.

The app also features an advice section with basic information, tips and pollen forecasts.


My rating:

+ Reputable providers

+ Optimum support for a clear diagnosis

+ Positive influence on user's health

+ Wealth of general information

+ Free

The e-symptoms app is available for iOS and Android.