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Sanitas review: Freeletics app


Can you build the perfect body by smartphone? Freeletics is the latest fitness trend. What does the app offer?

Tested by Sandro Weber, Digital Market Development Specialist

I decide to try the app out for myself. The workouts are named after Greek gods – I opt for Prometheus and am immediately addressed as an athlete. A video shows me how to do the exercises and then I get started. I struggle through five rounds of climbers, push-ups, sit-ups, squats and jumping jacks as fast as possible. 15 minutes 20 seconds later I'm exhausted, but rewarded with points for finishing the workout. The next day I can barely move.



The Freeletics app is definitely no substitute for a personal trainer, and you need quite a high level of fitness and stamina to start. You should also focus on precision rather than speed when doing the exercises. Nevertheless, Freeletics is an interesting and low-cost alternative for anyone who doesn't fancy going to the gym.

My rating

+ It's fun, even the sore muscles. And you feel – and see – the effects after a few months

+ Exercises explained through high-quality videos and text

+ You can train anywhere using your own body weight


– No trainer to monitor whether you're doing the exercises properly

The Freeletics app is available for iOS and Android.