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Sport as the perfect balance


Lack of exercise is a common problem, particularly for office workers. But even physical jobs are often plagued by repetitive movements and bad posture. Sport is the ideal balance!  


Sport strengthens your muscles, your cardiovascular system and your immune system. Which sport you do depends on your personal preference. Are you more of a lone wolf or a pack animal? Do you enjoy an adrenalin rush or do you prefer to take it easy? Do you prefer being outdoors or indoors? Practice is better than theory. Try a sport and see what you think.


  • Beach volleyball: Improves resilience, fitness and tactical skills. What’s more, it’s great fun.
  • Fitness centre: Personal training with instructions and support; effective in strengthening particular muscles.
  • Jogging: Endurance training, ideal for switching off, you decide on speed and where you run.
  • Karate / Judo: Improves strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, concentration and mental performance.
  • Climbing: Strengthens muscles (particularly arms, back and torso) and improves balance and coordination.
  • Rowing: Very effective but exhausting sport in beautiful surroundings, strengthens muscles and improves stamina.
  • Swimming: One of the best sports for improving stamina and losing weight, you can swim as fast or as slow as you like.
  • Dancing: Activates body and mind, improves coordination and concentration and is fun.
  • Yoga: Improves flexibility, body awareness, fitness and tones muscles.

Team sports: Working as a team motivates you to keep going. In addition to personal fitness, it also reinforces values such as respect, tolerance and fair play.

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