Antenatal course | Sanitas magazine

How can I best prepare for the birth?

As the birth draws nearer, you’ll be feeling excited but nerves may also begin to creep in. Although no birth is the same, professionally run antenatal courses can help ease your fears and allow you and your partner to prepare as best as possible for the wonderful yet challenging moment of the birth.


What you’ll learn: Comprehensive basic knowledge about pregnancy, birth and the first weeks at home with your newborn.

Courses: Offered by hospitals, maternity facilities, midwife practices or self-employed midwives. Your gynaecologist will also be able to provide you with names of local midwives.

Course duration: Usually from 8 to 10 weeks. On early registration (possible from 24th week of pregnancy), you can start the course in good time, but no later than the 30th week of pregnancy.

With or without partner: There are courses for couples and for mothers only.

Course content: Some courses integrate yoga, swimming or even belly dancing into their programme. These courses also offer targeted preparation for the birth.

Costs: Course costs vary; health insurers tend to pay CHF 150 towards antenatal courses.