Preparing for the birth | Sanitas magazine

What do I need to pack, what do I need to have ready?

What do I need to pack for the hospital?

Good preparation gives you peace of mind. It’s a good idea to prepare a bag ready-packed with everything you’ll need.

Clothes for you:   

  • T-shirts and comfortable trousers   
  • Light jumper   
  • Underwear   
  • Clothes for going home (clothes you wore while 6 months pregnant usually fit)

Toiletries: Everything that you’d pack for a weekend away.

ID: Your ID/passport

  • Married couples: Take your family record document
  • Singles and divorcées: Acknowledgement of paternity, if applicable
  • Foreign nationals: Also bring family record document, residence permit, marriage certificate or birth certificate of parents

Breastfeeding: Wear soft bras or breastfeeding bras that are the correct size. Choose bras without underwiring.

Slippers or warm socks:  During childbirth most women complain of cold feet.

Glasses: Women who usually wear contact lenses should remember to take their glasses.

Mobile, camera, address book: For the first baby photos and to let family and friends know that mum and baby are doing well.

Clothes for baby on the way home:   

  • Babygro   
  • Jacket   
  • Hat   
  • Baby mittens   
  • Vest/bodysuit

Provisions: Stocking up on hygiene products and non-perishable food will make the first few days at home a bit easier.

Cooking in advance: The same applies to mealtimes. Cook and freeze a few portions so you can enjoy your time with your newborn without the hassle of cooking.

Delivery service: Alternatively, you might want to enjoy home-delivered meals, e.g. pizza, during this special time.

Enjoy your freedom: Enjoy your last few weeks as a couple by going to the cinema, theatre or restaurants or taking a weekend break in a hotel.