Balancing the effects of running | Sanitas magazine

Variety is the spice of life!

Complementary sport

Running is a rather repetitious sport, at least in terms of the movements you make. Doing another type of exercise will balance it out and give your body and mind a change. Here are a few tips.

As they prepare for the Zürcher Silversterlauf 2018, Nicole Abgottspon and Christoph Banik don’t have much time for other sports in addition to their intensive running training with coach Viktor Röthlin. But generally speaking, it’s important for runners in particular to do another type of exercise to get some variety and avoid one-sided strain on their muscles and joints. Depending on the sport you choose, you can exercise muscle groups that tend to be neglected when you're running.

Complementary sports for runners


Electric or not, cycling is good for your endurance and kind on your joints, tendons and ligaments.


A skipping rope is inexpensive and fits in any bag. A great tool for training bounce, endurance and coordination.


Swimming is a great whole-body workout that’s kind on the joints – and a good alternative when it’s raining cats and dogs outside.  


Balancing on a slackline strengthens your core muscles and improves stability, balance and coordination.


Bouldering improves coordination and flexibility.  


Tai chi improves your coordination and mental strength and helps you relax.


Even for peace-loving people, boxing is excellent training for strength, stamina and coordination.


Dancing improves coordination and, depending on the type of dance, can also be good for endurance.