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Beware of ticks


Between the months of March and October these pesky parasites are a real plague for runners jogging in the woods and crossing meadows. Here are a few helpful tips to avoid getting bitten.

Ticks love any kind of warmth and humidity, in particular sweat, which is why runners should take some extra precautions when running outdoors:

  • Run in the middle of paths to avoid contact with grass and twigs.
  • Wear long-sleeved tops, knee socks or full-length trousers when running in the woods.
  • Choose bright colours – ticks are easier to spot on a bright background.
  • Use a tick spray

If you’ve been jogging in the woods or have crossed a meadow, check your body for ticks after your shower. These mini bloodsuckers are particularly attracted to your lower legs and thighs, hollows of your knees, groin, inside of your elbows, armpits and genital area.

I’ve found a tick – what do I do?

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